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About us

About PCST

The Pakistan Islamic Welfare Union was established in 1988 to provide a range of support services for the Pakistan community in Hong Kong.  Since April 2006, the Government has sponsored us to operate a Community Support Team for the Pakistanis, providing a variety of support services, i.e. inquiries, home visits, escorts, referrals, training, integration programs, and sports activities

.Introduction of Pakistan Islamic Welfare Union Incorporated Ltd


Pakistan Islamic Welfare Union has been established with the objective to

solve the problem of Pakistani who are living in Hong Kong, such as

children education, public housing, immigration, labor, translation,

interpretation, hospital escort, welfare, and religious education, etc.

Pakistan Islamic Welfare Union actively looks for a better solution to

solve the daily problems faced by local Pakistani. Most of them are having

communication problems and cultural barriers. We try to assist the new

immigrants to adapt and settle down in the new living environment in Hong




Mr. Mohammad Liaqat (Chairman of PIWU)

I am very proud to say that Pakistan Islamic Welfare Union has been trying

our very best to help to promote community relationships between Pakistani

and Chinese in Hong Kong for the past two decades. I would like to

express my gratitude to all executive members of PIWU who joined our

hands together and help us in making strong efforts for the Pakistani

Community. I would like to ask for continuous support in the future.

I would like to thank Honorable Ex Ms. Shirley Chan, Senior

Programme Officer of Race Relation Unit, for giving us marvelous support

and guidance in each and every step to establish the PIWU Community

Support Team, PCST, help us to build up the capacity of Pakistani

Community to achieve self-help through the project PCST. Sincerely

thanks to the Housing Department for sponsoring and providing a venue to

set up our PCST center in Tin Shui Wai district.

Last but not least, I would like to express my heartiest gratitude to Mr.

Tsang Yuk Sing, JP of DAB, Chairman of Legislative Council for giving us

precious advice. Without all the support, our center does not exist today.

The PCST can become the first team established to serve the Pakistani

Community in Hong Kong has been the effort made by all the members

of the PIWU, I would like to take the opportunity to thanks, everyone, again.


Pakistan Community Support Team Project Objective


The project aims to understand and access the community available

resources that can facilitate their social adjustment in Hong Kong. To

enhance our knowledge and surviving skills in order to strengthen our

capacities and potentials, to build ourselves, to help and develop mutual

support network among the Pakistani and ethnic communities, to promote

social inclusion between Pakistani Community and local Chinese

community, to raise mutual understanding and facilitate the



Our services


To build mutual support groups among the Pakistani community and the

locals. To set up volunteers' development programs in order to explore our

Pakistani Community potentials in serving our own group and expand our

community as well.

To collaborate programs with the Pakistani community and local parties such

as schools, religious organizations, government departments, and nongovernment

organizations in engaging with our Pakistani community and

local people in social inclusion.

To provide escort services in the New Territories and Yau Tsim Mong

District, to facilitate the elderly, disabled, and those people who have

communication problem.

To provide inquiry hotline service: hotline service launched in order to

provide an additional channel to the Pakistani Community whenever help

becomes necessary. Service included translation, brief counseling,

referral to other public services, and information giving.


PIWU Service Centre, Information Corner, and Messengers


A proactive, Multi facilitated a level of intervention and outreaching approach

is taken to provide, 'One-Stop" service for the Pakistani Community. We

opened a service Centre in Tin Shui Wai, named Pakistan Islamic Welfare

Union Centre. Comprising of a counseling, free interpretation/translation

service, mutual help and supports group, volunteer services, recreational

and development activities, specific services regarding the assistance and

support from different government departments such as Immigration, labor

related, escort to hospital services, MPF/education services, CSSA and

family welfare related services, public housing-related services, English

tutorial classes, Urdu, English, Quran, and computer classes.


PCST achievements in the past one and a half years


1. Telephone and walk-in enquiries

2. Translation and Interpretation services

3. Escort service and home visits

4. Miscellaneous, such as cases referral, volunteer services


Program and group activities


1. Youth Sports

2. Female DIY Activity

3. Female Sports Activity

4. Workshops

5. Cultural shows

6. Family tours

7. Female Baking & Cooking Class

8. Female Henna Design Learning Class

9. Female Yoga Class and many more.