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Community Support Team-Pakistan Team

Operated by the Pakistan Islamic Welfare Union Incorporated HK Ltd. Sponsored by the Home Affairs Department




Free one-stop services including
1) Escort and interpretation
2) General Enquirers and Referrals
3) Training Programmes (English, Urdu, Computer,
* Baking & Cooking Class,
* Hina Design Making Class,
* Cutting Class, Mother & Child Fun Activities)
4) Integration Programmes (Female DIY Activities,
* information workshop,
* Youth & Female Sports activities,
* family tours and Sports Competitions,
* Multicultural Talent Show, Fun Fair.)

PCST Booklet

Pakistan Community Support Team Project Objective

The project aims to understand and access the community available
resources which can facilitate their social adjustment in Hong Kong. To
enhance our knowledge and surviving skills in order to strengthen our
capacities and potentials, to build ourselves, to help and develop mutual
support network among the Pakistani and ethnic communities, to promote
social inclusion between Pakistani Community and local Chinese
community, to raise the mutual understanding and facilitate the



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